Dear Colleagues,
As we all know, on-going education plays a critical role in the profession
of a surgeon. Therefore, having been elected to lead AOSpine Poland,
we committed to relaunching the complete AOSpine training offer in Poland.
Delivering upon this important commitment, we are pleased to invite you
to the first course of the relaunched series: AOSpine Course – Basic Principles
of Fracture Management.

The course has been designed for residents and specialists starting in spine
surgery. It aims at teaching the participants proper diagnostics and classification
of spine fractures as well as choosing appropriate treatment options. The course
will also familiarize the audience with safe and effective techniques, systems and
medical technologies used in surgical treatment of spine injuries. Last, but not
least, it is meant to be a platform of sharing experiences from clinical practice.
The agenda of the course has been designed and will be delivered by Polish
faculty with established clinical experience in spine surgery.

On behalf of the entire AOSpine Poland Board, it will be my genuine pleasure
to welcome you in April this year in Ostróda.

Yours sincerely,
Dr n. med. Tomasz Niedźwiecki
Chairman of AOSpine Poland

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